Photo: Fritz Olenberger

95 North | SBDT | Lobero Theater 2019

. . . it was Whited’s brilliant use of pattern and space in “95 North” that brought palpable cohesion between form and utility, between professional and apprentice, setting the stage for a program that left the downtown set buzzing with delight.
— "Santa Barbara Dance Theater at the Lobero," by Ninette Paloma for the SB Independent.

Loro Sono Loro/they are them | CASC Parma, Italy 2017

Through a playful and experimental process, removing and exchanging parts of [their] bodies, Sarah Lisette Chiesa and Brandon Whited question, through movement and the art of performance, about the structure itself and the topography of the human form . . .
— "Loro Sono Loro con Sarah Lisette Chiesa e Brandon Whited," - Gazzetta di Parma

Photo: Mauro Farina

Structure of Us | Charm City Fringe 2017

The Structure of Us is performance art that beautiful and necessary, never heavy-handed, yet is thought-provoking in its implications for how we relate to each other as individuals and as artists.
— "Review: The Structure of Us at Charm City Fringe Festival," by Darby DeJanette