Loro Sono Loro/they are them (2017)


Co-Choreography & Performance: Sarah Lisette Chiesa & Brandon Whited

Music: Dom Bouffard

Costumes: Monica Salsi

Plaster Body Cast Design and Concept: Sarah Lisette Chiesa

Mutty Gallery - Castiglione della Stiviere, Italy.
17 December, 2017
50 mins.


they are them...

In a period of androgyny, we look into the future of the human being; Not ‘she’ and ‘he’, but they. We are not defined by the biological (sex) linked to the identity of ‘woman’ or ‘man’ –we are different and interchangeable.  How then might our audience(s) envision our bodies—like gendered chimeras—in contrast to normative perceptions of gender, the body, spirit and identity?

Sono Loro features original set/prop/costume pieces—rendered in gesso—developed through a body casting process developed by Ms. Chiesa for a series of earlier works. Tactile, free-standing objects molded directly on our own bodies, the structures can be moved, interacted with, and worn as costumes.  Drawing from Prof. Whited’s creative and scholarly research, we will engage with notions of representation, identity, expression, and how gender is (or is not) rooted in the physical, corporeal body.  Through a playful, and experimental process, removing and trading parts of our gendered bodies, we interrogate the very structures and topography of the human form. 

Loro Sono Loro/they are them premiered at the CSAC Museum (Centro Studi e Archivo della Communicazione) at Parma University (Parma, Italy) on December 16, 2017, followed by a  performance adapted to the Mutty Gallery in Castiglione della Stiviere, Italy December 16-17, 2017.