Boys Like Us (2018)

I learned to feel nostalgia for my own youth while I was living it
— Edmund White

Featuring Sam von Wentz and Ryan Walker Page, Boys Like Us, considers the vulnerability, isolation and desire for connection felt by adolescent guys coming into their identity as gay men.

Boys Like Us draws from the personal experiences of both the dancers and the choreographer in order to delve into the often lonely process of ‘coming out’ as a gay adolescent male. Through pedestrian movement, improvisation and intimate/physical interaction, the piece abstracts this process away from narrative, and instead offers a resonance on a human need for touch, the exploration of new and burgeoning sexual expression, and reflects on the process of forming and evolving identity.

Choreography/Direction:        Brandon Whited, in collaboration with the dancers

Music:                                               “Familiar,” by Nils Frahm; and “Eleven,” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Lighting & Costumes:                Brandon Whited

Dancers:                                           Ryan Walker Page & Sam Wentz

Thank You:

The University of California Santa Barbara Department of Theater & Dance, Eric Mills, Justin Leung,

Christene Seda and Austin Elliott,

Patrick Kennelly and Highways,

and to Sam and Ryan for their contributions to the process and content of the work.


Funded by the Academic Senate Faculty Research Grant, University of California Santa Barbara.